The primary goal of a Cancer Coach is to provide emotional support, education, and advocacy throughout the cancer journey.

Widely recognized and accepted for her in-depth domain knowledge, powerful oratory skills, command of language, empathy, energy, stage presence, wit and sense of humour, Vani is often invited as a speaker in national and international conferences and workshops. She is of course, actively involved in health advocacy (esp. cancer) and awareness campaigns, promoting cancer prevention, early detection, and survivorship care at the global level.
Vani’s speaking skills aren’t restricted to specialist topics, however. She is equally adept at combining her passion for the arts and public speaking to connect with audiences around the world, inspiring and motivating them to prioritize their health and well-being, as well as present as a thought leader in all areas of her versatile expertise.
Being an Indian Classical dancer, her graceful stage presence and ease of speaking fluently in both English and Hindi, makes Vani also sought out as a keynote speaker / presenter at prestigious art events.