The primary goal of a Cancer Coach is to provide emotional support, education, and advocacy throughout the cancer journey.

Corporate/Workplace Wellness Solutions
We offer customized Corporate Wellness Services to help employees and leadership improve and nurture their physical, mental, emotional wellbeing and address various pillars that contribute to “Wellness/Wellbeing”. With the range of specializations and specialists at our disposal, we are also uniquely poised to target all sections of the workforce across various roles and working conditions, and address their several health concerns, which otherwise tend to remain unaddressed in run-of- the mill Corporate Employee offerings; either due to lack of vision, expertise or both.
With the help of our specially curated and cohesive Program Strategy, Design and Execution some of our well-known clients have made it to top spots in the coveted ‘Best Places To Work’ list in their wellness offerings. A huge win-win from all aspects – employee satisfaction, D&I, as well as employer brand elevation, not to mention better navigation of the new-normal of work-from-home and hybrid work models that are becoming a preferred norm! Our client list and testimonials are proof of our abilities and what we bring to the table.
If you are a Corporate leader or Business owner, don’t miss an important opportunity to explore how we can help you better spend your time, money and resources to deliver effective, measurable and sustainable Leadership and Employee Wellness Programs that serve you and the needs of your workforce best.