The primary goal of a Cancer Coach is to provide emotional support, education, and advocacy throughout the cancer journey.

Inspiring Resilience

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Building stronger physical and emotional coping for medical conditions through treatments and beyond, Expert education, and Compassionate global advocacy for prevention, health & wellbeing
“Good health should be a way of life. Not a prescription. That’s your true power and potential.”


I am Vani Bhalla Pahwa - Cancer Coach and Medical Fitness Specialist.

With 2 decades of diverse experience and having acquired cutting edge specializations in the domain of Health, Fitness and Wellness, my range of specialized services and professional engagements over these long, exciting years has given me wings to explore and evolve practical, empathetic and impactful ways of connecting with, and serving my audience - be it individuals, businesses, corporates or institutions. The journey has not only been about offering solutions to address their health and wellness challenges and pain points, but often also help them sort through the maze, overcome feelings of overwhelm and confusion and simplify approaches for best and long lasting results. Maybe the fact that I am also an Indian Classical Dancer since the past several decades, subconsciously feeds into my innate desire to seek rhythm and grace even in the face of daunting challenges and curve balls that life may throw our way. I think the grounding in “holistic” began at a very tender age and continues since!
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Vani’s long experience, range of in-depth specializations and expertise across the spectrum of health, wellness and healthcare allows her to think, design and deliver solutions beyond the obvious. Her range of services best allow meeting your individual or organizational needs.
Cancer Coping & Recovery
Vani is a leader in Cancer care, fitness therapy, and coaching. A certified Cancer Exercise Specialist, she empowers clients to cope stronger with Cancer, treatments, recovery and beyond, enabling better quality of life outcomes. She also actively champions advocacy for prevention, cancer education and more informed and empathetic healthcare globally.

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Medical Fitness Specialist
As a Medical Fitness Specialist, Vani is strongly positioned to assist people with health conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease & Arthritis cope better with limitations through movement and exercise. This helps slower illness progression, build mental resilience and retain greater life independence, where possible.

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Corporate/Workplace Wellness Solutions
Elevate your workplace wellbeing with tailored Corporate Wellness Services which address unique needs of employees and leaders and are relevant to the changing work dynamics. Address wellness across roles and locations, boost satisfaction, achieve greater inclusion and enhance your company’s brand reputation with customised solutions.
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As a speaker, Vani captivates audiences globally with her passion and oratory skills. She is often invited as a speaker in national and international conferences, events and workshops in various capacities – as a keynote speaker, thought leader, domain specialist and an impassioned advocate for causes, esp. those related to health and wellbeing (including, but not limited to Cancer).

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Vani’s written expression and eloquent command of the language are well recognized. An avid writer on various topics, she has written for many papers and magazines, including being a columnist for THE HINDU, bringing deep holistic wellness insights with wide reaching impact. Her style of writing fosters a deep, emotive connect with readers across all strata. She is also frequently quoted as a specialist in her domain.
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Its been a pleasure serving reputed companies and individuals alike!

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